Underground Geotechnical Services

CNI provides innovative geotechnical engineering consulting services to underground mine design of all levels. CNI have experience in evaluating underground mining projects at the PEA, pre-feasibility, feasibility and operating stages. CNI’s vast work history include evaluations for the following mining methods:

  • Block cave
  • Stoping (Sublevel, Long-hole, Blind-Bench, Shrinkage, AVOCA method)
  • Room and Pillar
  • Post-Pillar
  • Under- and Over-Hand Cut & Fill
  • Retreat Cave
  • Sublevel Cave
  • Longwall

Further to the design using the aforementioned mine methods, CNI’s expertise include:

  • Mine method evaluation and sequence selection
  • Pillar stability
  • Stope stability analysis and optimization
  • Ground support system selection, design and implementation
  • Installation and interpretation of instrumentation for the monitoring of underground excavations and ground support performance
  • Ground control management plan development
  • Shotcrete and cemented-backfill recipe selection and design
  • Ground support selection for underground infrastructure and high confidence
  • Rock mass characterization and mapping methods
  • QA/QC and auditing for the installation and performance of ground control systems
  • QA/QC and auditing of sprayed shotcrete and cemented grouts and backfill
  • Groundfall investigation, analysis and remediation
  • Ground support rehabilitation planning and design