Geotechnical Monitoring

CNI is well experienced in monitoring methods for both underground and open-pit stability using state-of-the-art technology. Contact us to discuss options for developing a comprehensive geotechnical monitoring solution for your mine.

Open Pit Slope Monitoring

With an economically optimized slope design, some degree of slope instability can be expected. Minimization of the adverse effects of slope instability must be accomplished through monitoring, judicious mine planning, and establishment of operational contingencies.

The objectives of a pit slope monitoring program are:

  • To maintain safe operational procedures for the protection of personnel and Equipment
  • To provide advance notice of instability so that mine plans can be modified to minimize the impact of slope displacement
  • To provide geotechnical information for analyzing slope displacement mechanisms, for designing appropriate remedial measures, and for conducting future redesign of the slope

A slope displacement does not occur without warning. Prior to major movement, there is measurable deformation and other observable phenomena, such as the development of tension cracks, rock noise, and changes in groundwater-related pore pressure. These phenomena occur from hours to years before major displacement. A slope monitoring program consists of the systematic detection, measurement, interpretation, and reporting of these evidences of slope instability.